Post Cards Theme

Why postcards? Invitation, games. Passion for travel. Can use vintage. A decoration design theme that is easy to create.
Favorite places.
Concept of baby coming, going places and seeing things too.


Baby’s First Craft Party

like those craft party ideas!

The DIY Bar

Earlier this week, as part of our All Inclusive event planning package, our friend Kelsey was invited to host a craft party.  She supplied the space (and pizza & snacks!) and we supplied mason jars, twine lots of hot glue and the rest of the crafting supplies.  All of Kelsey’s guests got super into their crafting, and their efforts really showed in the final products: everything came out wonderfully!  The fact that her family got to contribute to the event decor will make the main event so much more special for her nearest and dearest.

On our to do list for the night were twine & ribbon wrapped mason jars (for the flowers) and hot air balloon themed food & dessert tags.


We found cute printables for the dessert/food tags on Etsy, but decided we, being the DIY bar afterall, could make our own.  We used Picmonkey to create…

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